• Chance Drake


Look at my history, I stand here convinced I’m destined for something greater than what I’ve settled for. Not even settled but in the mean time moment I feel the the authenticity of my day dream visions and I grow tired of reaching in the distance only to realize that reality is missing. Maybe I’m going mental, or my mind has decided to no longer stand by and coast through time, if my purpose is truly divine then let me define it ..let me decide that whatever is living inside has limited time and since birth I’ve just been living to die but lately things have got me wondering why..Like how high could I get if I decided to fly? And who would watch over me that high in the sky ? Guess having wings comes with many things, but you don’t have to be angelic to fly and let me tell you not all devils lie. That knife in your back was meant for your heart, and like a game Jenga..all things fall apart. But I’m no longer here to reason, how could the greatest show on Earth be held to just 4 seasons? Decipher the matrix and Decode the culture, these 2 subjects are side views they appear to be closer. Over your head and I just want you to think, lessons coming fast but why bother telling the blind not to blink. Expressing my innermost thoughts got me feeling small, I think I found me a shrink, in myself is where trust is kept, in my head is where the treasure is buried. Scary hours and scary places, never forget that deception has 2 faces. All I’m doing is making conversation and you keeping tripping over the lives you been faking. Oh humpy my egg is aching, you said I just needed a push, oh humpy my egg is breaking. Step by step I’m making it as I go, Hand in hand are you friend or foe? Please hold on to me or let me go..

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