• Chance Drake

Letter for Her..

Back again, pen in hand with a runaway train of thought. Where do I begin this time. I’m addicted to Women, but in hindsight that isn’t the real issue here but it does in fact play a role. Women are hellaciously beautiful brilliant creatures, just one woman can change the course of your life, for better or for worse, through sickness and in health..you see where I’m headed with this. I say this because for every strong independent woman I know there is a less confident and dependent women to match. This is who I’m writing this for today, for Her.. There is something special about taking a broken woman and putting her back together again, how she can be the same woman but its like a different angle your seeing her from the first time. I’d compare it to teaching a bird to fly, but Her cage is mental, she was condition to think she couldn’t fly without assistance. I pause.. wondering to myself, who? Who would cage you and strip you of your power? Did they simply see something they couldn’t control or something they wanted to behold. I now know why the caged bird sings, I say the harmony is in her wings and if she soars through the sky it would ring like a lasting melody. So I’ll set you free, give you the tools to form your key.. the confidence to say those things and of course they’ll come offering rings, engaging in your glory, the sheer resilience of Her-story is History and what would be without it. From the mommas and aunts to the sisters and cousins our women are in need of good lovin’ something to heal them from strugglin, I say it’s about time we repay the favor for making something when they gave you nothing.

To: Her

From: Chance

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