• Chance Drake

Deandre’s Interlude

Triumph and Turbulence are the recipes for the greatest stories, who doesn’t love a underdog, a comeback story, a hero. It never occurred to me that I can be that hero for the people that surround me. I have the ability to cultivate my peers into a different stratosphere and show them that yes, we too can be something special, someone special. That the world is what you make it, well I want to mold it into opportunities for everyone around me. Maybe my name being Chance is in fact no coincidence but what my purpose on this planet is. To simply let my family, my friends, my people know.. We have a chance, a chance to be and do extraordinary things. You don’t need a mic or ball to impact the world, that your mind is an asset you need to continuously invest in and the compensation for knowledge deposits is the greatest dividends. So much more than the outcome being income, profit off comradely and friendship and never have to worry about starving friends turning into hungered enemies. If we are only as good as the choices we make then I choose my Turbulence and all it’s unpleasantness. For what would Triumph be if we were uninformed of the other side. I’m going to flip my pain to glory, for every tear there was a smile and for every mistake there was a lesson, so if I’ve already been identified as the answer then I just need to know to what question.

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