• Chance Drake

Black Tuesday

If you will today, take a ride with me,allow me not only your mind but your spirit . I groove to the beat of my heart, as those who came before me did, steps are different but the rhythm has never changed. The message isn’t direct but implied, and if you read between the lines they’d suggest it be best to turn a blind eye. So in my mind is where I reside, convictions keep conflicting, as a Bama man will scream “roll tide” but not a peep when Trayvon died. Standing at the center of attention our best is displayed, showered in love and fame as if that makes up for the pain and shame..Fought for change but finessed in other ways, prison rates are up.. damn still in chains. We still scream HOPE but is it in vein? No we’re not in fields but ain’t it the same? Uncle Sam has leveled up his game and psychological warfare’s to blame, leaving my brothers and sisters in pieces, dismantled by drug addiction and division by lack of gun restrictions. My people are so much more than these project visions, but all these violent endings have a preference for skin with melanin in it and then we’re stored for harvest you thought it was a coincidence they call it the “Black Market” The price of your income are my Prophets. My idols are now your rivals, no validation for a generation, but that’s just the wave America’s entertainment or Slave trade..Judging my skin never measuring my soul, the need for control has taken it toll, 3 fifths of a man is the phrase, 3 fifths of man I stay, how would they measure a black man today?

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