• Chance Drake

Birthday Fallout

I turned 23, a month ago tomorrow.. As I sit on this chartered jet I ponder the distance traveled on my journey thus far. 23, such a critical milestone, old enough to know better but still young enough to know nothing at all. Often I’m quite critical on myself as to why I’m not further along in life. I’ve fallen victim to the atmosphere of this microwave era, reheated ideals none of the same taste. What happened to our imagination? When did our lives become so 9 to 5 trying so hard to fit in we forget to stand out. Opinion over matter, some thoughts become law weaponized by media be careful where you aim those words. What am I but tweet away from public disgrace, could you imagine one step out of place can seal your fate. The realization of reality is a scary place like a full plate and let the truth be a meal we never escape. In my ramblings I’ve stumble on a point..something deeper than the surface underlined parallels to a hidden agenda now I get the message. Getting to my point taking the sync route, the answer is the ride itself. Enjoy the ride, soak in the details making the image forever vivid engraved in the brain, my memory hall of fame starring me. Self appreciation at its peak my climb is not yet done. Life is a puzzle that could take your whole life to complete, my advise is don’t make it to the end and realize your missing something, find your peace.

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