• Chance Drake


Sometimes life is as simple as you allow it to be. Complex situations can get you lost in the scheme, just slow down and remember things are bigger than they seem. Not here to preach to you, just having conversation, if I told you all you had to do to be happy was be would you believe me? You’d scoff at me, saying if only it were that easy. I never mentioned easy I just told you to be. I can picture the confused faces saying what do you mean. Follow the sequence, as simple as you allow it to be, lost in the scheme and bigger than they seem. To be, be you, be free, be all you can be. Chase a dream, no such thing as no such thing, imagine if you never imagined a thing currently what would you be imagining? Don’t just play your part but be apart of it. Don’t just love what you do, put your heart in it. It’s ok to follow suggestions but not always to follow suit, realizing all things aren’t tailored for you. Food for thought, chicken noodle soup for the soul. Out of body experiences just to learn things are out of your control. Pressures of the world weighing on you, the gravity grudges hold. A wrinkle in time opportunities can unfold. Sometimes life is as simple as you allow it to be, I don’t mind being me.



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